Health Network observes an increase in flu shots during flu season

Health Network observes an increase in flu shots during flu season


The threat of flu season is the primary source of stress for students at Colorado state university. Influenza is the common flu virus that transmits through air droplets. Usually, the flue is not much dangerous and has moderate symptoms. However, the flu can be deadly for very young or older adults. Flu severity depends on immunity powers and previous health issues. Hence, the CSU Health Network is offering flu shots for students. All health plans typically cover the flu shots. Therefore, these flu shots are affordable to people. The CSU increased the flu shots to 11% from last year. Kate Hagedorn, associate director of communication for CSU, said, “We have given 2842 flu shots this academic year”.

Kate Hagedorn, associate director of communication for CSU, said that the flu vaccine is available at Health Network. The vaccine is reordered and restocked to ensure everyone gets the flu shot quickly. These flu shots will be opened during the spring semester also. Kate added that students could come to the Health center to receive flu shots without an appointment. Doctors are suggesting that students suffering from flu need to stay home and take rest. A student suffering from flu might feel exhausted physically and emotionally during the flu. Moreover, there is a high risk of other students catching the flu virus if the infected student is in the school.

Kate Hagedorn also suggested that students should visit medical professionals if flu symptoms worsen after five days. Medical professionals will prescribe antiviral medications. Some health insurance might not cover flu shots. Students should check their insurance plans before seeking the vaccine. This year more students came to get flu shots than any other year in the past. Students do not want to miss their classes. Hence, more students are taking vaccination to stay away from the flu. According to the CDC, washing hands, wiping down surfaces, and covering coughs and sneezes can be helpful to avoid flu. Students can find more information on CSU’s webpage.

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